Opendesk project completed

We just finished and delivered an Opendesk project to a happy customer.  Looking forward to fulfilling more orders, tell us what you need and/or browser the site and see what is available.


Check out our new videos!

New Smaller Versions of our Standing Desks

We've made two smaller and less expensive versions of our standing desk, for smaller spaces and less robust checking accounts.

Ledge Productions and Opendesk

We are now a listed maker on the Opendesk platform!  We're proud to be able to produce any of the designs shown on the Opendesk site, all designed by talented designers from around the world.  Visit the open desk site, find something great, and we'll make it for you!

Full Sized Standing Desk with Dog House

This is our full sized standing desk, with an added dog house, just in case you need it.

Full Sized Work-Panel

Now ready is our 4' x 4.5' standing desk work-panel, with a sturdy steel frame.

Something Completely Different

I never see what I want, so I'm going to make it.  -Ledge Productions, LLC